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Origin of the word Augur:

Augur comes from ancient Roman times. An augur was a person who foretold the future by observing the flight of birds (or by examining their entrails). His method of prediction was reflected in his title, for the Latin word augur, earlier auger, seems to have meant literally ‘one who performs with birds’, from avis ‘bird’ (as in English aviary) and aviation and gerere ‘do, perform’.

The dictionary definitions for augur are as follows:
1. One of a group of ancient Roman religious officials who foretold events by observing and interpreting signs and omens. (noun)
2. A seer or prophet; a soothsayer. (noun)
3. To predict, especially from signs or omens; foretell. (verb)
4. To serve as an omen of; betoken. (verb)

Masters Tip to remember Augur:
The CAT is our symbol to learn this word. It foretells (tell before hand) the future for us.

Usage Examples for Augur:
1. When a black cat crosses your path, the future does not augur well for you.
2. It has almost become a common practice to augur the future, and it has become quite a profitable business: all sorts of practitioners from Tantric to Reiki are doing brisk business.

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