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mnemonic and picture for awesome

Mnemonic Tip to Learn Awesome

The word itself makes its meaning clear. Awe-some meaning something or someone that is awe-inspiring. But there is really.

A lot of you might be familiar with the character Barney Stinson in the famous tv series ‘how I met your mother’ and his punch line, ‘I am awesome’ meaning I am simply great. So whenever you see the word awesome ,just think of Barney Stinson .

An awesome something or someone is amazing, breathtaking, or overwhelming.Like traveling the globe in a hot air balloon or visiting the TajMahal.

Word Origin

Awesome popped on the scene around 1600, probably in a church. It first meant “profoundly reverential,” but morphed later into an adjective meaning “inspiring awe.” Flash forward to the 20th century, when awesome transformed once again — this time into an everyday word for “impressive.” These days it’s synonymous with “outstanding” and “totally cool.”


Meanings of Awesome

1. inspiring awe or admiration
2. expressing or characterizing awe
3. very impressive

Sentence examples for Awesome:

1. The guests were extremely delighted by the awesome reception arrangements made for them.
2. Johnny got extra credits and compliments from the friends that his project was just awesome.
3. Simon Parke looked awesome for the first 23 minutes of tonight’s match with nick Matthew.

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