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The dictionary definitions for BADGER are as follows:
1. Any of several carnivorous burrowing mammals of the family Mustelidae, such as Meles meles of Eurasia or Taxidea taxus of North America, having short legs, long claws on the front feet, and a heavy grizzled coat. (noun)
2. To harass or pester persistently. (verb)

Origin of the word Badger:

Badger has a really interesting word origin story. But before we get to the story, let us have a look at “badger-the animal”. This is what it looks like:

How did this animal name come to be used as a verb?

N the late 18th century, there was the common sport of badger-baiting in play. In this sport, dogs would be set upon badgers in an attempt to draw them from their burrows. The dogs would fight with them and eventually kill it. This “harassment” of innocent animals lent us the word “badger”. Thus, when a lawyer badgers a witness, he would force him or her into the corner till the time they agree to his version of events.

Usage Examples for BADGER:

1. Lawyers are in the habit of badgering their witnesses.
2. Stubborn children can often badger their parents.

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