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Congratulations, you just discovered a new insult for your ex-boy/girlfriend! A person is said to be barefaced when he/she acts without shame or hesitation, with no intention to hide anything.

Although barefaced can be used as positive attribute, it is generally avoided to label people as it carries a stint of negativity with it. However, a barefaced approach, for example, will be considered positive.
The word originates from the symbolism associated with the phrase what you see is what you get, thus a bareface, is nude, with nothing to conceal.

Barefaced carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. Without concealment or disguise; boldly open.
2. Undisguised bold.

Master tips for barefaced:
Don’t confuse barefaced with boldface! Boldface is a style of textual print. This is boldface. Barefaced on the other hand indicates someone who in unaffected by shame or hesitation.

Remember barefaced as something that is bare so it doesn’t need to hide or Camouflage itself.

Usage examples of barefaced:
1. Evolution is a barefaced fact.
2. He could not survive in politics as he was too honest and barefaced.

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