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Definition & Meaning: Baro Root Word

What is the meaning of word root Baro? The only source of knowledge is experience. So let’s experience it through a simple exercise. Close your eyes- keep them closed for a while- now open. Two things happened in this short span. You felt a warm, innocuous pressure on your eye lids while you were reminisced of your school days when your physics teacher may have asked you the function of a Barometer.
The word root baro comes from the Greek word baros which means pressure or weight. It’s Latin progeny being gravis, meaning weight.
“The Barometer is falling, it is going to rain”. Barometer, here, is the instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure. An organism is designated as barophilic if it thrives under conditions of extreme hydrostatic or atmospheric pressure. Barophobia, on the other hand, is the irrational fear of gravity. You can distinguish a heavy object from a lighter one because you are empowered with barognosis. For the mountaineers out there, hypobaropathy, is the medical term for high altitude sickness or mountain sickness caused due to low atmospheric pressure.

Baro Root Word: Learn words related to word root Baro

Words Based on the Baro Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Baro Root Word:

1. Baranesthesia: Loss of the sense of weight
2. Bariatrician: A health practitioner specializing in bariatrics
3. Bariatrics: The field of medicine that offers treatment for the person who is overweight
4. Bar: Unit of Pressure.
5. Baroreceptor: a sensor for reacting to pressure changes.
6. Barodontalgia: Toothache associated with the reduction in atmospheric pressure in high-altitude flying.
7. Barognosis: the faculty for recognizing weight.
8. Barokinesis: A change in velocity in response to a change in pressure.
9. Barology: The study of the weight of gravity.
10. Barophile: An organism that thrives under conditions of high hydrostatic or atmospheric pressure.
11. Barophobia: The irrational fear of gravity.
12. Barycentre: Centre of mass of a celestial body system (e.g. Earth – Moon system)
13. Barostat: A device that maintains pressure in a chamber.
14. Barylalia: Slow speech due to impairment in the nervous system.
15. Barymorphosis: Structural changes due to pressure.
16. Barysphere: The central core of earth.
17. Barythymia: Nervousness, depression.
18. Baritone: Deep, heavy sounding tone.
19. Centobaric: Centre of gravity.
20. Homobaric: Of uniform weight.
21. Isobaric: Having constant or equal atmospheric pressure.
22. Stenobaric: Tolerant of a narrow range of atmospheric or hydrostatic pressures.
23. Hypobaropathy: High altitude sickness due to reduced air pressure.
24. Abarognosis: Inability to appreciate the weight of objects held in hand.

We hope this article on the commonly used Baro Root Word has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Baro and has enhanced your vocabulary.

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