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Reading Suggestion 1: Agriculture needs more holistic reforms

Article Source: Central chronicle

Learn Words from the article:

dwindling: become smaller or lose substance
pathetic: deserving pity
destitution: a state without friends or money
malaise: physical discomfort

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Reading Suggestion 2: Imposing Essential Commodities Act is menacing talk that won’t reduce onion tears

Article Source: The Times of India

Learn Words from the article:

dampening: the act of making something slightly wet
conjure up: summon into action or bring into existence
delusions: a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea.
purview: range of interest or activity that can be anticipated

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Reading Suggestion 3: Not confrontation but transformation

Article Source: Hindustan Times

Learn Words from the article:

grizzled: having dark hairs
formidable: extremely impressive in strength or excellence
extorting: obtaining through intimidation.

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