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Reading Suggestion 1: Keep the governor out of politics

Article Source: Hindustan Times

Learn Words from the article:

demeans: reduce in worth or character
capricious: changeable
succumbing: consent relunctantly

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Reading Suggestion 2: Mindless populism — facts and remedies

Article Source: The Indian Express

Learn Words from the article:

efficacy: capacity or power to produce a desired effect
incumbent: the official who holds the office
emphatic: spoken with emphasis

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Reading Suggestion 3: Release of nurses in Iraq marks a new phase in Indian diplomacy

Article Source: Hindustan Times

Learn Words from the article:

tardy: delayed
interlocutor: the performer in the middle of a minstrel line who engages the others in talk
finesse: subtly skillfull handling of a situation
exigency: a pressing or urgent situation

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