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Reading Suggestion 1: One for the road

Article Source: The Indian Express

Learn Words from the article:

humongous: very large
vandalism: willful wanton and malicious destruction of property of others
freight: goods carried by a large vehicle

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Reading Suggestion 2: Spook state: Uncle Sam is keeping a watch on you

Article Source: Hindustan Times

Learn Words from the article:

totalitarian : characterized by a government in which the political authority excercises absolute and centralized control
formidable: extremely impressive in strength
impinge: advance beyond the usual limit
intrusive: tending to intrude or enter uninvited

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Reading Suggestion 3: Caught in its own excesses

Article Source: The Indian Express

Learn Words from the article:

rout: cause to flee
forked: divided or separated
soliloquy: speech you make to yourself
galling : causing irritation

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