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Reading Suggestion 1: Post-Crash Economics

Article Source: Project Syndicate

Learn Words from the article:

Chalk: The prediction that there will be no upsets and the favored competitor will win
Neoliberal: In accordance with, or subscribing to neoliberalism
Lodestar: A star used as a navigation reference
Hypothesis: An assumption taken to be true for the purpose of argument or investigation

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Reading Suggestion 2: The absence of trust

Article Source: The Indian Express

Learn Words from the article:

Derelict: Abandoned, forsake
Covert: Hidden, covered over
Naught: Zero, nothing
Coercive: Displaying a tendency or intent to coerce

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Reading Suggestion 3: From the discomfort Zone: Changing behaviour

Article Source: The Indian Express

Learn Words from the article:

Mileage: The amount of service that something has yielded or may yield in future
Lavish: Expending or bestowing profusely
Somber: Dark or dreary in character, joyless and grim
Aristocracy: The nobility, or the hereditary ruling class

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