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Reading Suggestion 1: Childhood bullying damages adult life

Article Source: BBC News

Learn Words from the article:

Perpetrators: to be guilty of or responsible for a crime.
Deviant: pertaining to variation from the common way.
Dysfunction: a failure to function in an expected or complete manner.

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Reading Suggestion 2: Skull Model Shows Artistry, But Is It a Leonardo da Vinci?

Article Source: Live science

Learn Words from the article:

Miniature: greatly diminished size or form
Cranium: the skull of a vertebrate
Intimate: closely acquainted, familiar, personal, private

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Reading Suggestion 3: On Happiness: The Surprising Secret To Living A Happier Life

Article Source: Huffington post

Learn Words from the article:

Disdain: feeling of contempt, state of being despised or dishonoured.
Perception: organization, identification and interpretation of sensory information.
Perspective: a view or outlook.

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