Basic Daily Reads-74

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Reading Suggestion 1: How bond markets are evolving rapidly today

Article Source: The Economic Times

Author: Rashesh Shah

Learn Words from the article

Stringency: A state accompanied by scarcity of money and a shortage of credit/strictness.
Transmitting: The act of sending a message; causing a message to be transmitted.
Yields: Production of a certain amount.

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Reading Suggestion 2: Energy Dynamics

Article Source: The Economic Times

Author: Bachi Karkaria.

Learn Words from the article.

Predominantly: Much greater in number or influence.
Crippling: Deprive of strength or efficiency; make useless or worthless.
Displaces: Cause to move, usually with force or pressure.
Derail: Cause to run off the tracks.

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Reading Suggestion 3: Of unknown tongues and lessons of life

Article Source: The Times of India

Author: Manish Raj

Learn Words from the article.

Intellectual: Of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind.
Conquests: Success in mastering something difficult.
Exhilarating: Making lively and cheerful.
Anguish: Extreme distress of body or mind.
Ignominy: A state of dishonour.
Impending: Close in time; about to occur.

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Special Note from Wordpandit: The third article in this set is a really witty piece that is going to check your comprehension ability. Make sure you go through this article and try to understand lines such as: Of all intellectual conquests, learning a new language remains the most exhilarating. But, learning Tamil has been a story of never ending anguish and distress for me. It has always been like a tailender facing 150kmph plus deliveries on a grassy wicket, and trying to save his team from the ignominy of an impending follow-on.

This will greatly help you develop your comprehension skills.

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