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Reading Suggestion 1: The inconvenience of the past

Article Source: The Hindu

Author: Janaki Nair

Learn Words from the article

Haunting: Continually recurring to the mind
Bode: Be a sign of something to come, esp. something important or bad
Stranglehold: Complete power over a person or situation
Forte: An asset of special worth or utility

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Reading Suggestion 2: Ahimsa has no political hue

Article Source: The Hindu

Author: Vamsee Juluri

Learn Words from the article.

Humanism: The doctrine that people’s duty is to promote human welfare
Radical: far beyond the norm
Profound: Showing intellectual penetration or emotional depth
Discourses: Extended verbal expression in speech or writing
Soft-cover: A book with paper covers
Anachronism: Something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred

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Reading Suggestion 3: Why Bengal, Odisha’s claim to rasgulla is not ‘rational’

Article Source: The Hindustan Times

Author: Vipul Rastogi

Learn Words from the article.

Quintessential: Representing the perfect example of a class or quality
Subtle: Difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyse
Anecdotes: A short, interesting or amusing account of a real incident (especially a biographical one)
Signage: Signs collectively (especially commercial signs or posters)
Ubiquitous: Being present everywhere at once

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Wordpandit’s Note: Diversity is the key point of this collection of articles. Different subjects and different areas are explored in this set of articles.


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