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Reading Suggestion 1: Limit ownership of content by carriers to protect freedom of speech
Article Source: The Economic Times
Author: Harsh Goenka

Learn Words from the article: 
Deployment: The distribution of forces in preparation for work.
Weed out: Remove.
Convergence: The occurrence of two or more things coming together.
Integration: The act of combining into a whole.

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Reading Suggestion 2: India’s start-up culture must push it to become a rich economy
Article Source:
The Hindustan Times
Author: The Hindustan Times Editorial Team

Learn Words from the article.
Comprehensive: In an all-inclusive manner.
Civility: The act of showing regard/politeness to others.
Grim: Dark and depressed.
Outreach: Reach out to someone or something.
Racism: The bias that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races.

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Reading Suggestion 3: Going beyond the ambit
Article Source: The Indian Express
Author: T. R. Andhyarujina

Learn Words from the article.
Edifice: A large, imposing building/ a complex system of beliefs.
Intrusion: Invasion.
Dispensing: Give or provide in small portions.
Envisaged: Form a mental image of something that is not present.

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Wordpandit’s Note: The focus of this post is very simple, Start-ups. The three articles in this post are related to this topic and will provide you understanding on this subject. Reading articles on a related subject is a good way of developing your understanding and comprehension.

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