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Reading Suggestion 1: The Source be with you
Article Source: The Economic Times
Author: Mani Bhaumik

Learn Words from the article: 
Spirituality: Concern with things of the spirit
Catchy: In trend or fashion; attention grabbing
Microcosm: A miniature model of something/a mini-universe
Blueprint: Plan/outline/Something intended as a guide for making something else.
Manifestation: A clear appearance

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Reading Suggestion 2: Parched and thirsty: A different form of liquidity crisis
Article Source:
The Hindustan Times
Author: The Hindustan Times Editorial Team

Learn Words from the article.
Substantially: To a great extent or degree
Irrigation: Supplying dry land with water
Paddy: a field where rice is grown/rice before threshing or in the husk.
Guzzler: Someone who drinks heavily (especially alcoholic beverages)/ A drinker who swallows large amounts.

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Reading Suggestion 3: Crime and economics
Article Source: The Indian Express
Author: Abhayanand

Learn Words from the article.
Petty: Inferior in rank or status/small or little importance
Ransom: Payment for release of someone
Prolonged: Relatively long in duration
Gyrated: To wind or move in a spiral course
Insight: Clear or deep perception of a situation/a feeling of understanding.

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Wordpandit’s Note: The focus of this post is very simple, Start-ups. The three articles in this post are related to this topic and will provide you understanding on this subject. Reading articles on a related subject is a good way of developing your understanding and comprehension.

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