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Definition & Meaning: Be Root Word

To be, or not to be, that is the question. In our exploration of the word root be we will find out how to seek the answer. In this soliloquy Hamlet contemplates existence, the being, of a man. The word root be comes from Old English be- “on all sides”. We yearn for happiness. What would become of this aspiration, and of us, if we continue to view the world with the befogged lens that society prescribes? Befriend life in totality and berate what is not based in sound logic or is unfair. Be, but be yourself and galvanize the innocent skeptics and the adamant critics into stern believers of your existence. The confluence of you and your true self will bedazzle them and the fog in their lenses will lift itself. While, today, they bemoan at their nonconformity, unknowingly, they smudge their lens, with which to perceive the world, with stains of doubt. And with a smudged lens how would they know if “To be, or not to be”. Do not beseech for happiness with open hands, just be you, with an open mind.

Words Based on the Be Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Be Root Word:

1. Bedraggle: Tire, wear out.
2. Belittle: Criticize.
3. Beloved: Adored.
4. Beseech: Beg
5. Bestow: Give.
6. Betray: Be disloyal.
7. Bewildering: Confusing
8. Bespatter: Disgrace.
9. Behead: Decapitate
10. Bethwack: Hit
11. Betongue: Scold
12. Befog: Cloud, Blur
13. Bedazzle: Captivate
14. Befoul: Contaminate
15. Befriend: Make social acquaintance.
16. Bejeweled: Plentifully covered.
17. Bewail: Cry, lament.
18. Berate: Criticize hatefully.
19. Become: Evolve into.
20. Besiege: Surround, assault.
21. Bedaub: Smear.
22. Beliquor: Cause to be drunk.
23. Belabor: Dwell on.
24. Beleaguer: Assault.

We hope this article on the commonly used Be Root Word and it has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Be and enhance your vocabulary.

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