picture for belated

Are you late in wishing your loved ones on days that matter?
Always tend to forget the time when things should have actually been done and end up doing them later than required?

You are in the habit of doing things belatedly. ‘Belated’, as the word itself seems to suggest, stands for being late or delayed.

Mnemonic Aid to learn Belated:

BELATED is just the combination of two well-known words to the Indian people; BE – LATE,
“to be fashionably late in everything”.

Meaning of Belated:

1. Coming or happening late

Pronunciation: bih-ley-tid

Sentence Examples of Belated:

1. A belated apology is not what we expect from someone who has committed a grievous error.
2. Wish your girlfriend a belated happy birthday and be ready to face her wrath.

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