Picture for BenevolentBenevolent means showing or motivated by kindness, sympathy and generosity. It is used as an adjective.Benevolent originated around 1425-75 from the Latin word benevolēns.

Pronunciation: buh-nev-uh-luhnt

Meanings of Benevolent

1. Intending or showing kindness
2. Generous in helping others or charity
3. Concerned with doing good or expressing goodwill

Master’s Tip to Learn Benevolent

One can learn benevolent by breaking it into ‘ne’ ‘violent’, meaning not violent. Thus, benevolent would be someone who is not violent but is kind and sympathetic in all his deeds.

Sentence examples for Benevolent:

1. Jesus was always benevolent towards his disciples.
2. Mother Teresa preached everyone towards a benevolent society.
3. So gossip was originally a benevolent practice vital for the saving ofsouls if it were not misused.

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