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As the poster for the word suggests, Bestial is all about beast and their properties.

The word is a derivative of the word beast itself. A beast is any nonhuman animal, especially a large, four-footed mammal. There are human beast as well, the ones that are uncivilized, brutal and brutal in nature. Living example of these would serials killers and rapists.

Bestial is just an extension of beast, an adjective that takes over all the properties of a beast.

The dictionary definitions for bestial are as follows:

1. Of, pertaining to, or having the form of a beast.

2. Without reason or intelligence; brutal; inhuman: bestial treatment of prisoners.

3. Beastlike in gratifying one’s sensual desires; carnal; debased.

Masters Tip to remember Bestial:

Try to figure out from your memory every beast you have encountered. These could be lewd eve-teasers or strict class teachers who made peaceful living in the classroom impossible.

Each of these beasts is bestial in nature.

Usage Examples for Bestial:

1. The bestial treatment of prisoners is a pretty common sight and one that needs to undergo reform.

2. A bestial nature cloaked under the veil of generosity can be pretty damaging and can have consequences beyond our grasp.

3. The bestial nature of serial killers is something that mostly arises of childhood traumas and complexes.

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