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picture vocabulary for bigotBigots are obstinate believers and they stick to their guns come what may.

Bigot is a person who has strong, unreasonable beliefs and who thinks that anyone who does not have the same beliefs is wrong, in most cases this beliefs are religious beliefs and a bigot is intolerant of other’s beliefs.

We see plenty of such people around us. They are in fact spread all around, and at times one is forced to think, is there anyone who is not a bigot in some way or the other. In general terms, two kinds of bigots are particularly harmful for us: the religious kinds as these breed fanaticism and then the ones who have their prejudices against women. The latter can be quite stubborn as well, and there is a particular word for this kind actually: chauvinists.

Pronunciation: biguht

Dictionary definitions of Bigot:

  1. A person who constantly and stubbornly holds a particular point of view etc
  2. One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics
  3. is intolerant of those who differ

Master Tip to Learn Bigot

Think of leaders, politicians who are extremely biased for filling their vote banks and supports and are supporters of a particular community. These are the tough nuts that go to any extent to get the support of their brethren. They can be pretty dangerous too.

Usage Examples:

  1. The bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you put upon it, themore it will contract.
  2. Stop being a political bigot and putting words in our mouths.
  3. The sincerity of either man can only be doubted by the bigot and thefool.

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