meaning of bingo

Part of Speech: Noun

Origin: British

Bingo is a slang word used when one has to convey that he/she has done something with absolute accuracy. For example if you are solving a really hard “Prove that” sort of sum in math and you are successful in getting the answer (by following the correct method!) then you cry out “Bingo!” conveying that you got it right.

Or if you were searching something for a long time and you suddenly find it, you exclaim “Bingo”. Saying Bingo signifies that one is happy that the task he/she has been working on is finally successfully done, it could be a way of saying that “I deserve a pat on the back for this”.
So, if you hit the bull’s-eye or you complete an arduous task then go ahead and say “Bingo!”

Meaning of Bingo:

1. To do something with absolute accuracy.

Sentence Examples using Bingo:

1. After pondering on the sum for couple of hours, Smith finally cried out, ”Bingo” and we knew he was done.
2. “Bingo!” cried out Ned, after hitting the bull’s-eye.

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