Bio Root Word

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Definition & Meaning: Bio Root Word

What does Bio Root Word mean?

There are a lot of words based on this Bio root word that we come across commonly. You must have studied the subject Biology which deals with science that deals with things that are alive. There is also a branch of Biology called microbiology which deals with organisms like bacteria and viruses. Human Life is sustained in the Biosphere. We hope you get the hint through these examples; the root word bio is a Greek word which means ‘life’

On a related note, what is the difference between Biography and Autobiography? Both these words are based on the Bio root word therefore; both are detailed stories of a person’s life, the only difference is, an autobiography is written by the person himself and a biography is written by somebody else.

Words Based on the Bio Root Word

Following is a list of words based on Bio root word:

1. Biodiversity: The existence of many different kinds of plants and animals in an environment
2. Bio fuel: Fuel made up of biological raw material like fossil fuel
3. Biomass: The amount of living matter
4. Bioenergetics: Biology of energy transformations and energy exchanges within and between living things and their environments.
5. Autobiography: An account of person’s life written by that person
6. Amphibian: An animal that can live both in water as well as land
7. Microbiology: A science that studies extremely small forms of life
8. Symbiosis: Mutualism
9. Aerobic: Using oxygen for respiration
10. Biosphere: The part of earth in which life can exist
11. Bioscience: Science that deals with living things and life processes
12. Bio safety: Safety with respect to the effects of biological research on humans and environment
13. Bio waste: Waste composed of organic matter
14. Bio weapon: Biological weapon
15. Bio warfare: Biological warfare
16. Bioelectric: Of or relating to electric phenomena in living organisms
17. Bioethics: A discipline dealing with the ethical implications of biological research and applications
18. Biotech: Biotechnology
19. Biopsy: Removal of living tissue from someone’s body in order to check for illness
20. Bioactive: Having an effect on a living organism
21. Biogas: Fuel made by fermentation of organic matter

Learning words through word roots is a very effective way to learn words. We hope you will remember these words based on Bio Root Word. Also, when you come across any word which is based on the Root Word Bio you will clearly understand its meaning as it will be related to life.

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