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Definition & Meaning: Blasto Word Root

Encountering the word ‘blastoma’ years ago unveiled a poignant reality, transporting me back to a time devoid of the pervasive digital connectivity we know today. This revelation came a decade after my primary school days, jolting me with the news of a former peer’s demise due to blastoma – a type of cancer prevalent among children, stemming from malignant precursor cells, often referred to as blasts. The term ‘blastoma’ derives from the Greek ‘blastos’, signifying a bud or sprout, metaphorically representing a nascent cell or an immature child. Predominantly used in the medical field, the root ‘blast-‘ shapes words that convey the nature, location, developmental stage of cells, or the originating organ.

Blasto Root Word Tree Diagram: Blastocyst, Fibroblast, Neuroblastoma

Learn Words Related to the Blasto Word Root

Commonly Used Words based on the Blasto Word Root

  • Blastocyst: Early mammalian embryo with a fluid-filled cavity, encircled by a single cell layer.
  • Fibroblast: A cell generating collagen and other fibers in connective tissue.
  • Neuroblastoma: A malignant tumor arising from nerve cells, often in the adrenal gland.

Technical Words/Jargon based on the Blasto Word Root

  • Blastoderm: A cell layer forming on the yolk’s surface in avian or reptilian eggs, leading to the embryo.
  • Hematoblast: A progenitor blood cell.
  • Megaloblastic anaemia: An anaemia type due to DNA synthesis inhibition during red blood cell production.

Archaic Words based on the Blasto Word Root

  • Blastema: A cell mass from which an organ or body part develops.
  • Blastokinesis: Embryo movement in some insect eggs into the yolk mass.

Related Word Roots

  • Cyto- (Greek): Relating to ‘cell’, this root is found in ‘cytology’ (the study of cells) and ‘cytoplasm’ (the cell’s internal material).
  • Gen- (Greek): Meaning ‘origin’ or ‘birth’, seen in ‘genesis’ (the mode of formation of something) and ‘genetics’ (the study of heredity and genetic variation).
  • Oma- (Greek): Pertaining to ‘tumor’ or ‘growth’, used in ‘carcinoma’ (a type of cancer) and ‘sarcoma’ (a malignant tumor of connective tissue).

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