Picture for BlissBliss is a noun. It means the feeling of extreme happiness. Haven’t we all wanted to be in a state of bliss?
It has been in use before 1000 and has been derived from the Middle English word ‘blisse’.

Pronunciation: blis

Meanings of Bliss

1. Complete happiness
2. Equivalent to paradise, heaven

Master’s Tip to Learn Bliss

A very interesting way to remember the word ‘bliss’ is to remember it through a rhyming word ‘kiss’. Now everyone remembers their first kiss and the feeling of extreme happiness it resulted in, that is, a state of bliss.

Sentence examples for Bliss:

1. Ever since he has been back from the sales meeting, he has been in a state of bliss.
2. Their initial bliss was soon dispelled by an unwelcome development.
3. Watching the sun set into the mountains is sheer bliss.

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