picture for bogusBogus is an adjective that is used for anything that is not genuine or is a sham. Most of us have been duped atleast once in our lives for buying something that seemed cheap at the time but turned out to be bogus afterwards. The first known use of this word was around 1830.

Pronunciation: boh-guhs

Meanings of Bogus

1. Counterfeit; sham; not genuine
2. Having a misleading appearance
3. Fraudulent

Master’s Tip to Learn Bogus

Bogus can be broken into the words ‘bug us’. You can remember it this way, all semester round our teachers ‘BUG US’ to study but we choose to ignore them. And as a result, our exams at the end of a semester go ‘bogus’.

Sentence Examples for Bogus:

1. The company he was running was later found to be bogus but not before he had fled away with his client’s life savings.
2. Beware of buying anything from that shop, it is notorious for selling bogus products to unsuspecting tourists.
3. All the evidence they had gathered against him was completely bogus

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