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Definition & Meaning: Bon Word Root

The mere sound of the word root “bon” evokes a sense of goodness. This root comes from Latin, meaning “good.” For instance, factory workers eagerly await their annual bonus, which represents a boon for their families and a testament to their bona fide labor. The worker’s happiest moment is during meal breaks, especially when greeted with “Bon Appetit!” Similarly, the phrase “Bon Voyage” is used to wish someone a pleasant trip.

Word root tree diagram featuring words derived from the "bon" root word, including bon voyage, bona fide, and bonus.

Words Based on the Bon Word Root

Commonly Used Words Based on the Bon Word Root

  • Bon voyage: Phrase used to wish someone to have a good trip.
  • Bona fide: In good faith; genuinely.
  • Bonanza: Treasure trove; cash cow.
  • Bonbon: Sweet.
  • Bonhomie: Agreeability.
  • Bonus: Something given or paid in addition to what is expected.
  • Boon: Advantage.
  • Bountiful: Abundant.
  • Pro Bono: For the good of.
  • Bonjour: Good day.

Archaic Words Based on the Bon Word Root

  • Bonism: The doctrine that the world is good but not perfect.
  • Bonitas: Goodness.
  • Bonne Femme: In the manner of a good wife.
  • Summum bonum: The highest good.
  • Superabound: Over-abundant.

Technical Words/Jargon Based on the Bon Word Root

  • Debonair: Charming; elegant.
  • Bounteous: Generous.

Related Word Roots

Here are some related word roots that convey similar meanings:


Meaning: Good or well.

  • Beneficial: Resulting in good; favourable or advantageous.
  • Benevolent: Well-meaning and kindly.
  • Benefit: An advantage or profit gained from something.


Meaning: Good, well, pleasant.

  • Euphoria: A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.
  • Eulogy: A speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly.
  • Euphemism: A mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt.


Meaning: Pleasing, thankful.

  • Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
  • Gratuity: A tip given to a service worker for good service.
  • Congratulate: To give someone good wishes when something special or pleasant has happened to them.

We hope this article on the Bon root word has been helpful to you in enhancing your vocabulary. Bonjour!

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