Picture for Bow wowThey can all say what they want
Cause you make it do what it do
But you just keep living your life
And they can keep wasting time hating on you
~ Bow wow-Better Lyrics
The above lyrics are written for a girl who can be termed as ‘Bow-wow’. It’s a slang to refer to an unattractive or an ugly woman. So the lyrics are actually to make such a woman feel better who is hated by the society because she is not beautiful. Some women might take offense of this slang, so think twice (or thrice maybe) before using it.
Well, there are other usages of this word which won’t get you into trouble; you can generally use it to refer to something which inferior, unappealing or useless. Bow-wow can also refer to a dog, in an obvious way. Or if you want to talk about poorly performing shares in the market, you can just term them as ‘Bow wow stocks’.

Meaning of Bow wow:

1. An ugly woman.
2. A dog.

Sentence examples using Bow wow:

1. Samantha was dejected as her classmates nick-named her ‘Bow wow’.
2. “I am going to get you a bow wow”, said Ned to his son.

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