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picture and meaning of bradBrad(noun) is conventionally the term assigned for thin nails with projected heads on all sides or on one side only. As a slang, brad is referent to a lover who is exceedingly sweet and caring and also fantastic in bed.

Pronunciation: brad

Meanings of Brad

  1. A thin nail with constant thickness but acuminating width with a small head at the top usually projecting only to one side.
  2. A passionate lover who is impossible to hate.
  3. (verb)To fix with objects.

Origin of Brad

The word originated somewhere between 1425-75 as a dialectal version of “brod” which means “shoot” or “sprout”. The word “brod” was further derived from the Old Norse word “braddr”akin with old English “brord” which means “spike”.

Master’s Tip to Learn Brad

The formal meaning of brad i.e nail is perhaps easy to understand. As for the slang, the meaning of the slang can be understood from the lead character played by Ryan Gosling in the movie “Crazy Stupid Love”. A brad occasionally behaves childishly but loves you no matter what.

Sentence examples for Brad:

  1. *There is no dearth of wannabe brads these days*
  2. Julia has been extremely happy since the time she has been dating brad.
  3. The carpenter fixed the table by driving a couple of brads through the broken part.
  4. Jack braded the ceiling by applying some glue that he bought from the hardware store.
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