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Definition & Meaning: Brev Word Root

If wit is a sword meant to make people feel the point as well as see it, what is the soul of wit? Shakespeare claimed brevity, born out of the word root brev, to be the soul of wit. Brevity, the concise use of words in writing or speech, also represents shortness of time. The word root brev comes from Latin “brevi” meaning “short”. Brevicollis is the shortness of the neck. Brevifoliate, in botany, is to have short leaves. Perceptive towards the brevity of human life, Friedrich Nietzsche rightly said, “It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.”

Brevity, Abbreviate, Brevet - Words Derived from the Root Word Brev

Words Based on the Brev Word Root

Commonly Used Words based on the Brev Word Root:

  • Brevity: the concise use of words in writing or speech
  • Abbreviate: To shorten a word by leaving out some of its letters or sounds.
  • Brevet: To be promoted in rank or a position without a pay increase.

Archaic Words based on the Brev Word Root:

  • Brevicaudate: Short tailed.
  • Brevicollis: Short necked.
  • Breviflorous: Short flowered.
  • Brevifoliate: Having short leaves.

Technical Words/Jargon based on the Brev Word Root:

  • Brevilineal: Having a body that is shorter and broader than usual.
  • Breviloquent: Laconic, given to concise, brief speaking.
  • Breviped: Having short feet.
  • Brevipennate: A short winged bird.
  • Breviary: A summary, an epitome.
  • Brevilingual: Short sounds.
  • Brevirostrate: Bird with a short beak.

Related Word Roots

Here are some related word roots that carry similar meanings to brev:

1. Brevi- (Latin: ‘short’)

  • Breviped: Having short feet.
  • Breviary: A summary or epitome.
  • Brevirostrate: Bird with a short beak.

2. Curt- (Latin: ‘shortened’)

  • Curtailed: Reduced or cut short.
  • Curtness: Briefness or terseness.
  • Curtate: Having a shortened or reduced length.

3. Trunc- (Latin: ‘cut off’)

  • Truncated: Shortened by cutting off a part.
  • Truncation: The act of shortening something by removing part of it.
  • Trunk: The main part of something that is cut down.

We hope this article on the commonly used Brev Root Word has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Brev and enhance your vocabulary.

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