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Definition & Meaning: Bri Word Root

Throughout history, governments have used the word root “bri” to win the confidence of people. Bridging the gap between the rich and the poor is a common theme in political propaganda. Every five years, a demagogue instils hope in the eager public through unbridled hints at the government’s mistakes.

The word root “bri” comes from Greek, meaning “short.” Life itself is brief. Bureaucrats, after a briefing by a new government, quickly change their gears and drive towards the new promises made to the people. A few years into the new government, people reflect on the changes, only to find the allure lost and the initial gap unabridged.

Bri root word tree diagram featuring the words Brief, Debrief, and Unabridged

Words Based on the Bri Word Root

Commonly Used Words Based on this Word Root

  • Brief: A synopsis, short.
  • Debrief: The act of getting information, to interrogate.
  • Unabridged: Not reduced.
  • Abridge: To shorten.
  • Abridger: A summariser.

Archaic Words Based on this Word Root

  • Abridgement: The act of shortening.

Technical Words/Jargon Based on this Word Root

  • Unbridled: Unconstrained.
  • Bridgework: Component of a bridge.
  • Hybrid: Combination of two items.
  • Cybrid: Cytoplasmic hybrid, produced by the fusion of a whole cell with a cytoplast.

Related Word Roots

Brevi (Latin: short)

  • Abbreviate: To shorten a word, phrase, or text.
  • Brevet: A promotion in military rank without the corresponding pay.
  • Breviary: A book containing the service for each day, to be recited by those in orders in the Roman Catholic Church.

Trunc (Latin: to cut)

  • Truncate: To shorten by cutting off.
  • Truncheon: A short, thick stick carried as a weapon by a police officer.
  • Trunk: The main stem of a tree.

Curta (Latin: to shorten)

  • Curtail: To reduce in extent or quantity; to impose a restriction on.
  • Curtailed: Reduced in extent or quantity; restricted.
  • Curtailedness: The state of being curtailed or restricted.

We hope this article on the commonly used Bri Root Word has been helpful in enhancing your vocabulary and understanding of words based on the root “bri.”

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