picture for bristleSome animals have those spiky and stiff bristles and some people make themselves as stiff as those bristles because they do not know a better way. It is a noun and as well as a verb. Its first usage dates back to 14th century.

Pronunciation: bris-uhl

Meanings of Brislte

1) Stiff and coarse hair of animals/ Something that resembles these hairs in appearance (noun)
2) As a verb
a. To stand like bristles
b. To be coarse and stiff like bristles
c. To be roused/agitated or moved
d. To stand like bristles in appearance and nature

Master’s tip to learn bristle:

Bristle can be learnt easily by associating the word with the hair that brush your teeth on the toothbrush. Bristles of the toothbrush clean your teeth, so that you can keep the cavities away.

Sentence Examples for Bristle

1) The bristle of hedgehog was very coarse. (Noun)
2) Hedgehog bristled up when it sensed danger. (Verb)
3) He is not pliant when it comes to change; instead he is stiff as a bristle. (Inflexible to change)  (Noun)
4) His bristle-like nature/bristleless is very intimidating. (Adjective)
5) He bristled/bristled up when he was reprimanded for his insolence. (Verb)

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