picture for bulging

With all pun intended, anything that pops out or is too full to contain itself is called bulging. In the picture, these steroid injected body builders have enormous muscles, and the curves of their biceps and chest appear to be bulging outwards.

A fat belly pushing itself outwards after a heavy meal can also be said to be bulging.

Bulging carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. A rounded projection, bend, or protruding part.
2. Any sudden increase, as of numbers, sales, or price

Master tips for bulging:
A bulb, with its spherical and round protruding exterior sounds a lot like bulging. Bulging can easily be recalled by recalling the outward shape of the surface of an incandescent bulb.

Usage examples of Bulging:
1. War time always bulge the prices of daily commodities.
2. The body builder flexed his arms and his muscles bulged out of his tank top.

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