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Caprice ka mnemonic: Kya? Price phir change!
Caprice ka matlab hota hai sudden change, isliye humne isko relate kiya price ke saath.
Indians ki life to full of caprice hai, har din hi prices change hoti hain kissi na kissi cheez ki.


Something more about ‘Caprice’

Caprice has an interesting origin story. If you explore the Collins dictionary, this is what it has to say about it: Caprice comes from Italian capriccio a shiver, caprice, fromcapo head + riccio hedgehog, suggesting a convulsive shudder in which the hair stood on end like a hedgehog’s spines; meaning also influenced by Italian capra goat, by folk etymology.

So essentially this word is related to animals and how hair stand up on their spine; effectively all of a sudden without any warning.

Meanings of Caprice :

1. a sudden change of one’s mind or weather
2. an unpredictable action or series of actions
3. impulsive actions

Pronunciation: kuh-prees

Sentence Examples for Caprice:

1. Men should not be surprises with female caprice; after all, to be moody is the way they are wired.
2. Caprice of nature is in full view when a natural disaster such as a tsunami or an earthquake takes place.

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