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Mnemonic Tip for Castigate:

The word castigate could be remembered by breaking it into 2 parts, “cast-gate”. If you have a guest who has stayed inside your house for longer than you expected and has been eating off of you, you get irritated and punish him by throwing him out of your house. You cast him out of your house’s gate.

The word is mostly used when you are flinched by someone or something and have a huge urge to reprimand the very same person.

Pronunciation: kas-ti-geyt

Meanings for Castigate:

1. To inflict severe punishment

2. To criticize or reprimand

3. To punish in order to correct

Usage Examples:

1. There are better methods of correction than castigation (noun).

2. The strict teacher castigated the student for eating his tiffin during the class (verb).

3. Health inspectors castigated the kitchen staff for poor hygiene (verb).

4. The fugitive knew that they would castigate him once found (verb).

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