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QUESTION-32: Five sentences related to a topic are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a meaningful and coherent short paragraph. Identify the odd one out.

1. People who study children’s language spend a lot of time watching how babies react to the speech they hear around them.
2. They make films of adults and babies interacting, and examine them very carefully to see whether the
babies show any signs of understanding what the adults say.
3. They believe that babies begin to react to language from the very moment they are born.
4. Sometimes the signs are very subtle – slight movements of the baby’s eyes or the head or the hands.
5. You’d never notice them if you were just sitting with the child, but by watching a recording over and over, you can spot them.

Answer: (3)
Explanation for the Question:

In the ‘odd one out’ questions, the most important thing is to form pairs and groupings which help you eliminate statements. If you can form a pair of statements, then neither of those statements can be the answer for that question.
We find two such pairs here: 12 and 45.
The pair 12 forms the introduction for the given set of statements.
The pair 45 explains the movements of the baby and how these are difficult to notice.
Statement 3 is the odd one out. The other four statements are pointing out the fact that it is tough to notice the movements of the baby and this statement states to the contrary; this implies that babies start to react the moment they are born. This does not fit with our other statements and hence, statement 3 is the odd one out here.

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