Number System


This section is about the most fundamental topics in mathematics: Number System. What is maths all about? Numbers, off course. This unit of the website is all about numbers. Starting from absolute basics, this section provides you all the material you need to study the topic: concepts, articles, blogs and tests. Make sure you go through each and every piece in the order provided.

How to use this section? We have simple piece of advice for you: Start with articles (provided in the index) and read them one at a time. Once you are through with an article, solve the topic tests corresponding to that topic. Once you are done with all the articles and the tests, head over to the level-wise tests. Geez, do all this work and you will be a master of the topic.

Number System Topic Wise Tests
Each test-name highlights the area of the test. Select the topic you wish to practice. 

Number System Level Wise Tests
Number System Tests graded according to three levels.

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