Phrasal Verbs

The essential guide for learning these vexing verbs: learn through practice exercises.

What is the ‘Phrasal Verbs’ section?

Correct phrasal verb usage can be one of the trickiest parts of dealing with the English Language. Technically, phrasal verbs are essentially a combination of a verb with a preposition and this seemingly simple combination can cause a lot of troubles.

The correct usage not only checks one’s topic knowledge but also checks one’s reading skill. Here, you need to answer the questions taking the help of your previous reading experience and knowledge of the language.


How to best use this section?

  • In this section, we have provided Phrasal Verbs in the form of simple MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions).
  • Make sure you solve the phrasal verb quizzes multiple times in order to learn the key usage differences.
  • To view the phrasal verbs starting with a particular word, click on the word in the panel given on your right.

Phrasal Verbs for CAT 2022 VARC Preparation – Alphabetical order Sets

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