Usage Tips

This is where we explain commonly confusing word pairs and groups. With the help of brief and succinct explanations, we help you deal with the intricate differences in Word Usage in the English Language.

What is this section about?

Usage differences can be painful as well as challenging. Sample this: What is the difference between continual and continuous? Or for that matter, when to use abjure or when to use adjure? Or when you should one use who and when should one use whom? Do these problems bother you? Do they confuse you? In case you are perplexed by these problems, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We help you with your grammar and usage issues. We use our extensive databank of usage tips to supply some of the most useful ones to our users.


How to use this section?

  • We have listed usage tips alphabetically in this section and tried to cover as many as possible. Click the tab of each letter to discover tips related to it.
  • We recommend you to explore 3 to 5 tips on a daily basis and ensure you follow them regularly.
  • In order to draw maximum benefit from this section, it is important that you work with these words and use them as extensively as possible. Once you start to use them, you will be able to remember the subtle differences between these words. Also, you can use mnemonics and tricks to learn these differences.


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