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Picture for cataractCataract(noun) in medical refers to the disease that involves opacification of the eye lens. Apart from the medical usage, the word also refers to a gigantic waterfall or a pelter. The brobdingnagian amount of water falling from higher up is referred to as cataract in general.

Pronunciation: kat-uh-rakt

Meanings of Cataract

1. (medicine) An eye disease which causes opacity or cloudiness of the eye lens.
2. (physical geology/earth sciences) an enormous waterfall.
3. A cloudburst/deluge/waterspout.

Origin of Cataract

This word originated somewhere between 1350-1400 from the Middle English “cataracte” which is further derived from the Latin word “cataracta” which again comes from the Greek “katarráktēs” that means waterfall or floodgate similar to katarássein which means to hurriedly smash down.

Master’s Tip to Learn Cataract

Perhaps all of us have heard the phrase “Raining cats and dogs” which means a heavy downpour. Similarly cataract can be used synonymously to that. Moreover all the mammoth waterfalls in the world can be described as cataracts.

Sentence examples for Cataract:

1. The child broke into a cataract of tears when his elder brother took away the toy from his hand
2. The old lady has blurred vision as she suffers from cataract.
3. The Niagara falls is a perfect example for a cataract.

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