NMAT 2018 Analysis

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes So, we begin our journey for this exam season with the first major MBA exam of this season: NMAT-2018. This two-hour test, which consists of 120 questions, is the precursor for other exams to follow and is one exam that is going to...

NMAT 2017 Analysis

NMAT 2017 Analysis Estimated reading time: 7 minutes So, the exam season finally kick-started on 5th October with the first MBA entrance exam of the season, NMAT-2017. This 2-hour and 120-question exam sets the tone for the exams to follow and plays an important part...

CAT-2016 Analysis

CAT-2016 Analysis: Wordpandit’s Take on the Exam Hey there! So, CAT-2016 is done and dusted. By now, you must have gone through multiple analysis, predictions, mentor reviews, and so on. On top of that, the anxiety related to results would have kicked in by now....

IIFT 2016 Analysis by Wordpandit

Well, with the IIFT-2016 exam taking place today, it well and truly feels that the exam season has kicked-off. Even though NMAT is the first major exam of the season, IIFT always gives us the feeling of the real season started. We hope your test went well and you...
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