Presidential Election, 2017

Presidential Election, 2017

How is the President elected? So, it is the time to bid fare-the-well to the 13th presiding president, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee as his term expires this July 2017 and the election process for the new president is underway. In this article we will tell you how is the...
India China Standoff decoded!

India China Standoff decoded!

With India, heading towards its path to become a developed country; there is also tension with its neighbouring countries. After Pakistan, now it is China, with the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction issue, which is causing tension between the two countries. In this...
India China Standoff decoded!

GST Explained in Detail

GST Explained in Detail: Learn all about GST Today, when everyone is baffling around to know what GST is, here is an insight of it. So, starting with what is GST, moving to why it is important, to how it will be implemented ending to its advantages and disadvantages....
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