To avow is to declare something in an upfront manner. Avow can be easily remembered by A+wow .Whenever someone is bold enough is to come out and say something everyone goes Wow!! Pronunciation – uh-vou Meanings of Avow 1. To declare openly 2. To frankly...


Frivolity is a behavior or conduct which is frivolous or careless in nature. Often we go to offices or banks with our plaints and pleas and are turned down or ignored because a employee is knitting a sweater ,well that’s nothing but a frivolous attitude of the person...


Assuage is a verb used as an expression or relieving soothing a desire or feeling for e.g. only money can assuage a gambler’s thirst for more and more of it. Pronunciation – uh-sweyj Meanings of Assuage 1. To relieve or satisfy 2. To make less severe or soothe...


The easiest way to remember cantankerous is to break it into Kaan+tank +rasta. So cantankerous is used to describe an aggressive person who fights without provocation and jo Kaan(ear) mein Tank ghusa deta hai chilla chilla ke! Pronunciation – kan-tang-ker-uhs...


Something more about bungle – Bungle can be broken down into saB+ jUNGLE for easier learning . To make a mess of everything is ‘to bungle’. We usually come across someone in a team whose bungle leads to loss or failure. Pronunciation – buhng-guh l Meanings...


Fluke is something which happens unintentionally and by chance to bring success. It can be memorized by combining Full+ tukke to make fluke. Tukka is a fluke in Hindi .for eg. A fluke shot in billiards can pocket 2 balls in one shot. Now that’s certainly good luck!...
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