Bomb’em. Blast’em from this planet earth. Not even a single trace should be left! This, my friends, is the extreme sentiment exhibited by this word. A derivative from the word ‘Nuclear’, nuke means to attack a place with nuclear weapons. This obviously is not a...


Part of Speech: Noun(pl) Origin: British A slang of British origin, antwack is used to refer to something or someone who is old-fashioned or out-of-date. Its origin is linked to the word antique, and in all probability, the word came about pronouncing the word antique...


Part of Speech: Adjective Origin: American Rhymes with goofy ?? Well, this word is actually a combination of the latin word doofus, meaning incompetent tool and the word goofy. It is used while referring to a person who is foolish or clumsy. Patrick from Spongebob...


Part of Speech: Adjective Origin: British Dolly refers to anything that is cute or attractive or doll-like. Mostly it is used to describe a cute girl, but it can have a generalized usage as well. Dolly is an old-fashioned way of saying “you are cute”, this word was...


Part of Speech: Noun, adjective Origin: Australian If you here this word being related to you or to any of the things related to you, it’s surely not something to be happy about. Deadshit refers to something that is unpleasant or boring. We all have that one...

Dead meat

Part of Speech: Noun This surely is a fun slang! Although the person on the receiving end of this word might not feel the same. Dead meat is commonly used as a threat for e.g. saying,” If you do not do that, you are dead meat.” If we take the literal meaning of this...


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