Brad(noun) is conventionally the term assigned for thin nails with projected heads on all sides or on one side only. As a slang, brad is referent to a lover who is exceedingly sweet and caring and also fantastic in bed. Pronunciation: brad Meanings of Brad A thin nail...


Opsimath(noun) refers to someone who is late in learning or starts to learn late in life. Due to diverse reasons, people may be unable to continue their studies and some of them may resume at later stages in life. Such individuals are referred to as opsimath(s)....


Estoppel(noun) is a legal term which interdicts or bars a person from making claims because they are discrepant with the statements earlier made. It basically debars people from going against the incipiently esablished facts. Pronunciation: e-stop-uhl Meanings of...


Hearken(verb) describes the act of giving careful heed to someone. It is not just listening but rather hearing in a way that is reverential. It is always better to hearken than to raffishly hear things as it helps you interpret better. Pronunciation: haar-kun Meanings...


Imprest(noun) is the boodle set up to cover the incidental outgos of a firm. This term generally refers to a loan advanced but it can also have specialized meanings in business, politics, military etc. Pronunciation: imp-rest Meanings of Imprest 1. To lend a loan. 2....


Eagre(noun) denotes an Aegir i.e. a tidal wave or two or more sequential waves of gigantic height and ferocity at rising tide in a narrow estuary or a river which more often than not cause flooding. The word is especially used particularly for the tidal bore of Humber...
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