His nerves were on the edge with fear as he sat in the compartment, in a covert position. There had been riots in the city for the last four days. The curfew was lifted for a few hours in the morning and in the evening. The city was abounding with instances of...

Scrawny Models

Scrawny models with robotic expressions , wearing sparse, weirdest possible clothing like stuff and walking in the same traditional cat-walk style, the number of fashion shows just seems to be growing everywhere. In fact, television channels are replete with such...

Incredible Indians

It’s been more than 60 years since India’s independence. But we seem to be stuck in a predicament really hard to get out of.The rich have become richer, the poor still at the same place, only much greater in number now. Many blame this sorry state on the...


Birthdays-a special day for everyone. A day when you are at the helm of all things. I am sure this day was invented for loosers like me, who don’t have anything spectacular about them. It’s a day when you are special for no particular reason. Just for...

Planning to plan?

Can you DELINEATE your present? On a chart? Picture? Diagram? Anything? don’t DELVE too much in the question. Nobody can. You can draw a cartoon to show your mood, you can make a pie-chart for your activities, create a complex work of art to show how your parents and...

The life of an introvert

I have been often introduced by friends as a ‘xenophobic’ to any new entrant to our small group. And sadly I have had to agreed to them. Bound my supposed chains of intellect, i am but a forlorn lamb when it comes to social gatherings and conversations.  While writing...


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