The Magic of Shashi Tharoor

The Magic of Shashi Tharoor

Can you imagine Twitter as a Vocabulary resource?   Hi Guys! This is an article based on the Shashi Tharoor Complex Tweet that has set the world of Twitter ablaze. If you have not been living under a rock, most of you must have heard of or read this tweet by the...
Putsch and Coup

Putsch and Coup

Meaning and Origin of Putsch Hi there. What is this section all about? This is Wordpandit’s personal Vocabulary blog, and this is where I discuss my vocabulary journey. Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching. Being a firm believer in the above, I...
Putsch and Coup

Wash yourself with Words

We have all heard the word wash, haven’t we? All of us need a wash every now and then, don’t we? And we also have heard quite a few words which are based on the simple letter combination, wash. The ones that come to mind are: which represents a complete failure (that...

Love affair with dogs continues

Why this section? I never imagined the response I would get when I wrote the first dog-related words post. A lot of mails and suggestions came in, and these mentioned a number of dog-related words (slang included). And geez, I had fun again; sniffing my way around an...


Why this section? Dogwatch: A dog’s watch or should we say, watched by dogs! I discovered the word ‘dogwatch’ while reading a piece somewhere. Intrigued by the portmanteau combining dog and watch, I set about exploring, or rather I should say, sniffing out...


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