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Books you should be reading right now!

What is the ideal way for improving your Reading Comprehension accuracy?
Simple answer: Reading

How to improve your Reading skills?
Simple answer: Reading

What to read?
Another simple answer: Books

Which books?
Well, we have divided books into different categories for you to pick and select the ones that you wish to read.

What should you keep in mind?

  • Establish your current language skills and pick books accordingly.
  • Diversify your picks and make sure you pick books from different categories.
  • Place focus on Philosophy/Psychology/ Non-fiction books.

Why only 5 level-1 books?
We have four months left for CAT, and it is better that you read average/above average/difficult books.

How are the levels decided?
We have kept the following in mind:

  • The kind of language used in the book,
  • The topic and ideas covered,
  • The relevance of these topics with respect to CAT.

Level-1 Books

Books for CAT (level-1)

Level-2 Books

Books for CAT (level-2)

Level-3 Books

Books for CAT (level-3)

Level-4 Books

Books for CAT (level-4)
Happy Reading..:)


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