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Simple words. Complex problems.
Well, we break down the problem and give a simple analysis. Let’s have a look at the two words, one at a time.

Altogether is an adverb, which means ‘wholly’, ‘to the full extent’ or ‘with everything considered’.

I altogether convinced my mother that I would complete my project.
Altogether Hitesh earns a lot more than his sister.

All Together
The term ‘all together’ is used of a group whose members acted or were acted upon collectively and when ‘all’ and ‘together’ can be separated by other words. So basically is a group acting together.

I want you to work all together on this project. (I want you all to work together on this project)
The members of team stood all together waiting for their boss to arrive. (The members of team all stood together waiting for their boss to arrive.)

Exercise for Altogether and All together:
1. Will you be ____________ for Diwali?
2. Let’s sing,___________ now!
3. _________ it was an enjoyable weekend despite the bad weather.
4. The workers didn’t __________ agree with the cost-saving measures.
5. If we speak __________ we can’t understand anything!

1. all together
2. all together
3. altogether
4. altogether
5. all together


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