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This is a small post, illustrating the difference between ‘beside’ and ‘besides’.


Beside: The word beside is a preposition. It means ‘close to’ or ‘next to’. It also has  a second meaning: ‘compared with’.


Examples for beside:

  • Can you sit beside me?
  • Your car keys are hanging beside the attic.
  • I look scruffy beside you. (example for the second meaning)

Besides: This preposition, on the other hand, means ‘in addition to’ or ‘apart from’.  Besides can also function as an adverb in a sentence, and it means ‘furthermore’ or ‘and another thing’.

Examples for besides:

  • Besides Ritu, who else has brought her lunch box to class?
  • Besides, it’s not just about determination but about skill as well.

This brings us to end of this post. Hope this little difference is clear as crystal.


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