Well, there are just about 70 days to go for CAT-2017 and effectively, we can say we have entered the last lap of preparation.
At this late stage of preparation, does the Ultimate RC Course make any sense? Well, I will give an honest answer here: the ultimate RC course only makes sense if you are willing to push yourself and grind. We provide you with the resources, guidance and mentoring: how you use depends on you.
Let me outline some reasons why should go ahead and join this course at this late stage.

1. Even a little amount of something good is very useful
We offer things such as hand-picked resources for reading and take 2 sessions a week. How do they help you? Well, for starters our reading suggestions mean that you don’t have to waste time searching what to read. And the two classes fine-tune your preparation strategies for you.
Remember, right now it is all about being focused on your preparation and if you get quality resources for preparation, you should lap them up.

2. This is the time you need expert advice more than ever
This is the time when you need to make sure you study the right things, understand the way to approach questions and streamline your efforts and energy. In short, this is the time when you need focused advice. And our chief mentor and the creator of the course is the best person to help you with this. Read more about him here.

3. You need to get your doubts solved, seriously!
Verbal Ability is a tricky beast. In fact, with quantitative aptitude, there are formulas, approaches, and methods to trust. But what do you do for Verbal Ability? Well, VA is a subjective beast and each one of you has a different way of thinking and analysing written material. The incorrect answer choices you mark are nothing else but an indicator of your analysis not matching with the question-setter. This is why you need to get your doubt solved. Trust me, no coaching centre really puts in any effort to solve student doubts. In fact, very few online courses sincerely solve and answer the question of students. And almost next to none are open to feedback and honest discussions about VA questions. We offer all of the above. Why do we do this? Honestly, this is a tough ask but without discussions, VA courses are meaningless. The subjectivity of the subject demands discussions.

4. We don’t promise miracles!
Well, this is strange. Why would we write such a thing? This does not promote our course. The honest analysis of the situation is that we don’t promise miracles and we don’t promise certain percentile scores. What we promise is the following: ample quality study material, in-depth Verbal Ability coverage, advice and mentoring and the promise to push you as much as we can. If you are willing to put in the effort, this course will work for you. But then that is the disclaimer also: if you are ready to put in the effort!

Just a couple of pointers:

  • The Ultimate plan (which offers 2 weekly classes) will close on the 15th of September. Beyond this date, only the self-paced learning plan (Basic plan) will be available.
  • Those of you who have started preparing late for CAT-2017 and might not be sure about this year, you can always let us know and extend your course for a nominal fee.

In case you have some doubts, you can always reach out to us on mail (admin@wordpandit.com).
Happy Learning..:)

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