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Your Dream might be CAT 100 Percentile, you will most definitely need a strategy for it!

4 Things to do for CAT 100 Percentile

Your Dream might be CAT 100 Percentile, but you will most definitely need a strategy for it!

In the next few months, most of you who are reading this article will be appearing for CAT-2024.How many of you feel you are at a good place right now and everything is going according to the plan? And how many of you are under the pump right now and feel everything is falling apart?

Most of you would be somewhere in between the two emotions above. Considering that, what is it that you should be doing in the next two months that would enable you to take the exam in the best possible shape (majorly mental and a minor physical element is involved here)?

Well, this post has the answers for you.

# 1st Thing to do: Stop searching for more material, more tests, more books, more PDFs, and I do not know what particular ‘more’ you are searching for.

Having a lot of material will not help a lot. Actually going through what you have, being systematic in your approach and ensuring that you complete your work with diligence would help a lot more. Do not get trapped in the standard Indian psyche of ‘More’. Zyada ka matlab behtar is a deadly attitude to have right now.

An apt approach for now: focus on what you have and optimize your learning from it.

What does optimizing your learning mean?
Optimization simply means make a list of all topics, identify your strong and weak areas, and make sure you strengthen your strong areas and base your exam strategy around them and in your spare time, work on one weakness at a time.

It is as simple as this. All you need is a pen and paper, make a list and start. Do not procrastinate, do not dither and do not think this is too simple; in fact most problems have simple solutions.

# 2nd Thing to do: Take Mock CATs regularly

I know it is demotivating if you don’t score well in Mock CATs but that is not a sufficient reason to miss them. Take tests regularly, analyze each and every test and understand how you could have done better. Just think: how could you have solved those 5 more questions in the test.

Thought process for Mock Tests:
In every Mock that you sit from, just give yourself a simple target of increasing your attempt by 3 to 5 questions; try to push yourself and get into a mode where you develop such a focus that the environment stops bothering you. Even if people sitting next to you are talking, so be it, your focus should be only on the test and nothing else.

Take Mock tests, analyze them, learn from your mistakes and take them again

# 3rd Thing to do: Practices RCs and LR/DI sets regularly

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Trust me; there is no other solution to the problem. Practice sets and RCs on a daily basis, and do not skip them at any cost. In case you only want tough RCs or LR/DI sets, solve them from papers of different coaching institutes. Run a quick Google search and you would have 100s of such papers available: just download the exact number you need, and solve them. Remember, you are not here to collect material but just to solve it and learn from your mistakes (don’t make the mistake highlighted in #1).

# 4th Exercise

Yes, you heard me right. You need to exercise (yoga is preferred) to make sure you are in the right physical shape for the exam. Remember, CAT is a 3 hour paper, and physical stamina is an absolute must. Don’t think that by not exercising for half an hour you are saving time; this would In fact come back to bite you.

These are 4 simple things that you should be doing right now. Make sure you keep these generic things in mind, and you would definitely be able to improve your CAT preparation substantially.

Happy learning..:)

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